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"Our goal is to protect the community from further criminal activity by offenders and to offer offenders the necessary competencies to live productive and responsible lives in the community."

Susquehanna County

Adult Probation/Parole Department

Courthouse, P.O. Box 218
Montrose, PA 18801
(570) 278-4600  Ext. 200
FAX: (570) 278-3778
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Adult Probation Services Personnel and Listings

There are approximately 600 offenders being supervised by the Adult Probation Office.  The office provides information to aid the Court in determining an appropriate disposition on offenders through preparation of pre-sentence investigations and CRN evaluations.  Once sentence is imposed, the Adult Probation and Parole Department provide supervision for those individuals who are placed on probation, parole or ARD by the Court.  This office also supervises those offenders placed on house arrest, work release, furlough or those who are ordered  to perform community service.  The Probation Officer makes an appropriate referral for the offender to receive the proper treatment or counseling.  The Adult Probation Office is prepared to return any offender who does not comply with the terms of probation or parole, to Court or possibly jail when necessary.


Jeffery J. Shoemaker -  Chief          Ext. 200

James M. Gulbin - Senior PO           Ext. 208

Allen Smith - PO                               Ext. 206

Michael Koscelnak - PO                  Ext. 207

Joe Barry - PO                                 Ext  239